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Dear Ms. Kong,

The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Library puts all CD, DVD and VCD
on open shelves with security containers which help to save space and
shorten the check-out process time.

You are welcome to visit us if you wish to.



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Hello listservers,
I'm interested to know this issue too. At present, we store the discs in our
office area, whilst the cases are displayed on the shelves for browsing. But
this occupy double spaces, and the staff have to find the discs from the
drawers, which is rather tedious when the circulation rate is high.
Recently, we are thinking about shelving the discs back to the cases, but
haven't decided yet on what to do. How about security cases? Can anymore
give me some ideas on both security and efficiency? Thanks.

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Hello fellow VIDEOLIBbers:

Every Christmastime, as expected, we notice a rash of theft in our Media
Center. Which again raises the question of CD security. And now DVD
security. I'm curious:

a) if anyone can recommend an outstanding product for a public library,

b) if anyone can recommend a product that attaches to the CD and/or DVD

You may send your comments to me if you would rather not flood the
listserv. Thanks in advance for your help.

Eric Fry
Manager, Amon G. Carter Multi-Media Center
Fort Worth Public Library -or-