Notable Videos for Adults -- 2001

Kristine R. Brancolini (
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 12:35:43 -0800 (PST)

The ALA Video Round Table Notable Videos for Adults Committee has been
working all year soliciting nominations, then viewing and evaluating
nominated videorecordings. We met at ALA Midwinter in Washington, D.C.,
on January 15 to make our selections. We had a largest group of
nominations yet and we had to make difficult decisions regarding the final
selections. The list below will be published in the March 15, 2001, issue
of Booklist, the March/April, 2001, issue of Video Librarian, and the next
issue of VRT News. Thanks to the everyone who nominated titles and to the
vendors who supplied the committee with review copies. We will begin
taking nominations for the 2002 list soon. In the meantime, I hope you
will consider the following titles for addition to your library

Notable Videos for Adults 2001

The Notable Videos for Adults list was established in 1999 by the American
Library Association Video Round Table as a means of providing guidance to
public and academic librarians involved in building dynamic and balanced
video collections for an adult clientele. The list recognizes the growing
number and enormous diversity of documentaries, educational and
instructional titles, and performance works for adults. It also recognizes
the difficulty many experience identifying and selecting the best
offerings in this video marketplace.

The following list, selected by the 2000-2001 Notable Video for Adults
Committee, represents the best videos released during the past two years.

42 Up. Producer/director Michael Apted. Available with public
performance rights from First Run/Icarus Films, 32 Court Street, 21st
Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Also available on home video. 130 minutes.

Filmmaker Michael Apted revisits 11 of the 14 Britons he's interviewed
every seven years since 1964 when they were children in this remarkable
sociological project.

American Movie: The Making of Northwestern. Producers Sarah Price and
Chris Smith. Director Chris Smith. Columbia TriStar Home Video. VHS and
DVD. Home video sources. 104 minutes.

Chris Smith's portrait of filmmaker Mark Borchardt's attempts to make a
movie offers a humorous, insightful and oddly moving behind-the-scenes
look at fringe independent filmmaking.

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life. Producer, writer, director Michael Paxton.
Strand Home Video. VHS and DVD. Home video sources. 144 minutes.

In this Oscar-nominated feature-length biopic, Michael Paxton presents an
altogether fascinating portrait of the controversial philosopher/novelist.

The Brandon Teena Story. Producers, directors, editors Susan Muska and
Greta Olafsdottir. Zeitgeist Films; distributed by New Video. VHS and
DVD. Home video sources. 88 minutes.

The life and tragic murder of Brandon Teena, born Teena Brandon,
illustrates one community's response to issues of gender and identity.

Cinema Verite: Defining the Moment. Director Peter Wintonick. Producer
Adam Symansky. Distributor: National Film Board of Canada, 22-D
Hollywood Ave., Hohokus, NJ 07423. 102 minutes.

Filmmaker Peter Wintonick explores the influential cinema verite film
movement of the 50's and 60's through interviews with masters of the genre
and clips from key films.

Coming to Light: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indians.
Writer, producer, director Anne Makepeace. Distributor: Bullfrog Films,
P.O. Box 149, Oley, PA 19547. 56 minutes.

Anne Makepeace's moving biography of Edward S. Curtis, the pioneer
photographer of American Indians, also visits descendants of Curtis's
subjects who today use his images to revive the past.

Jeni LeGon: Living in a Great Big Way. Producer Selwyn Jacob. Director
Grant Greschuk. Distributor: The Cinema Guild, 130 Madison Avenue, 2nd
Floor, New York, NY 10016-7038. 49 minutes.

Grant Greschuk's luminous biography travels from Chicago to Hollywood,
London, and Vancouver, as African-American dancer Jeni LeGon, students,
friends, and historians review her extraordinary life and career in a
segregated society.

The Legacy: Murder and Media Politics and Prison. Writer, producer,
director Michael J. Moore. Distributor: Films for the Humanities &
Sciences, P.O. Box 2053, Princeton, NJ 08543-2053. 60 minutes.

Michael J. Moore's thought-provoking film traces the genesis of
California's "three strikes" law, and examines the haunting "legacy" of an
expensive system heavily populated by non-violent offenders.

On Our Own Terms (Moyers on Dying). Producer/director Gail Pellett.
Distributor: Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 4 parts, 90 minutes

Bill Moyers explores the agonizing decisions made by terminally ill
patients and their families in this informative and touching four-part

One Day Longer: Story of the Frontier Strike. Producer/director Amie S.
Williams. Distributor: CineVegas, 2501 N. Green Valley Pkwy., #118-D
Henderson, Nevada 89014. 50 minutes.

For seven years Las Vegas hospitality workers fought their for jobs,
wages, and benefits at the Frontier Hotel, in the longest strike in labor

Rabbit in the Moon. Producers Emiko Omori and Chizuko Omori. Directed,
written, and narrated by Emiko Omori. Distributor: Transit Media, 22-D
Hollywood Avenue, Hohokus, NJ 07423. 85 minutes.

Filmmaker Emiko Omori's memoir examines the effects of World War II
internment on Japanese-Americans, focusing upon the lasting divisions
within their minority community.

Sing Faster: The Stagehand's Ring Cycle. Distributor: Direct Cinema,
Ltd., P.O. Box 10003, Santa Monica, CA 90410. 56 minutes.

The feats and follies of the San Francisco Opera Company's technical crew
are profiled in this funny, irreverent, behind-the-scenes view of Wagner's
17-hour Ring Cycle.

Stranger with a Camera. Producer/director Elizabeth Barret. Distributor:
California Newsreel, 149 9th Street, Suite 420, San Francisco, CA 94103.
60 minutes.

Elizabeth Barret revisits the murder of Canadian filmmaker Hugh O'Connor
in poverty-stricken Jeremiah, Kentucky, circa 1967, while also questioning
the media's ethics in publicly shaming a poor community.

Walking with Dinosaurs. Producer Jasper James. 20th Century Fox Home
Entertainment. VHS and DVD. Home video sources. 12 parts, 30 minutes

Jurassic Park meets National Geographic in this realistic, animated view
of 155 million years of dinosaur history. The DVD version shows how
animators and paleontologists worked together to answer scientific

Well-Founded Fear. A film by Shari Robertson and Michael Camerini.
Distributor: Epidavros Project, 141 West 28th Street, Suite 6B, New York,
NY 10001. 119 minutes.

Told from the perspective of political asylum applicants and asylum
officers, this real-life drama examines the utterly human mix of humanity,
bureaucracy and serendipity in deciding the course of people's lives.

Members of the Notable Videos for Adults Committee 2000-2001: Chair,
Kristine Brancolini, Indiana University; Becky Albitz, Pennsylvania State
University; Nell Chenault, Virginia Commonwealth University; Lisbeth
Goldberg, Arlington County Public Library; Rue Herbert, University of
South Florida; Carleton L. Jackson, University of Maryland; Randy Pitman,
Publisher/editor, Video Librarian; Rick E. Provine, DePauw University;
Marc Sober, Enoch Pratt Free Library.