purchasing music for in-class power point presentations

David Ofiara (Ofiarad@acc.sunyacc.edu)
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 14:20:46 -0800 (PST)

I have a faculty member who wants to use the 1960's rendition of the audio recording "Blue Moon" as part of a power point presentation. The showings would only be in classrooms and auditoriums in a public community college for face to face instruction for regularly scheduled classes.
Given fair use guidelines, what kind of rights (if any) do we need to purchase? Home Use (his copy of the song), the institution buying a home use copy, some kind of educational use rights, or public performance rights involving outfits like ASCAP.
What should we do? Use the instructor's copy bought eons ago, grab a copy from napster and convert to a wav file, have the school buy a copy (home use), contact ASCAP or somebody else.
If any of you have any advice we sure would appreciate it. What is your practice? How would you handle it? What are some web sites or print sources that offer guidelines to deal with such a utilization. Please post results to the list. Thank You VERY VERY much.

Dave Ofiara
Media and Reference Librarian
Adirondack Community College
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