Buena Vista Social Club

Debra Jo Sujka (djsujka@acs.ryerson.ca)
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 14:03:56 -0800 (PST)

"Lloyd, Diane" wrote:
> I have been calling Artisan Entertainment who
> distributes the home video, but haven't yet managed to talk to anyone who
> can give me information.

I'll give you my secret to these distributors who are a bit slow in getting
back to me. Just don't let the secret out.

I use my "bug" routine. I call the dist. and warn them that unless they
call me back, I'll be calling them a couple of times a day and leaving
messages asking for them to call me. Before I do start my "bug" routine, I
check to make sure that they haven't closed for the day because of a
holiday, the place (town) being flooded, etc. just to be fair to them.

In my 15+ years in tracking down distributors and titles, I only have to
use this routine with Physical Resources (here at RyeHi) when the Women's
rest room runs out of toilet paper or is in great need of cleaning. I also
make sure that I thank them when either someone gets back to me or the work
gets down.

Debra Jo Sujka