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I did not know this kind of thing was a thorny issue. Someone please
elaborate on this. Thanks.

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Please respond to

Ah! The thorny issue of discussing vendors and their products on public
email lists rises again!



(no experience with Endeavor, btw)


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> Any replies would be useful to me as well (since we are considering
> the Endeavor system RIGHT NOW) as well as others, I am sure. We have not
> heard of this problem, surprise, surprise. Perhaps Stephanie could
> summarize, prepare a PowerPoint presentation and report for Videolib, or
> the forwarding thing.
> Thanks for sharing,
> Philip
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> We are considering using Endeavor's Media Scheduling module for
> rooms, videos, equipment, etc. Is anyone else using this module of
> Endeavor's library system? It looks like it has some problems,
> when trying to use it with their Circulation system. Just wondering what
> anyone out there may have managed to set up successfully. Please reply
> me individually. Thanks!
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