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We have had this problem before. What we did was ENCOURAGE the public to
check out as many as they could carry out of the building. AND extend the
checkout till the job was done! It's great for PR and they feel good helping
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Hello, sigh, it's me again. Now, our ass't director would like me and my
staff to give him some suggestions on how we can keep the videos available
to the public while we take all the shelves the videos are on and paint
them. My brain has gone completely empty on this. Perhaps I am totally
dumb, and don't see a solution, but we have no extra shelving, little space.
With conventional taskets, we are talking about storing about 9000 videos in
about 300 or so taskets while the shelves are being painted. The sticking
point is - where do we get 300 taskets, and where will we put them while the
painting is taking place. I'm sorry if I sound like I am whining, but this
whole situation is very frustrating. Thank you so much in advance. I'll go
away now.

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