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If you go to and look under CRLC library loan policies, you can
see a-v loan policies of all the public libraries in the Hartford area.
Many of us are loaning non-fiction videos for 3 weeks, feature film videos
for 1 week.

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> (I just signed onto the List - so forgive me if I'm going into an "old"
> topic...)
> I work at a public library and am very interested in not only loan policy,
> but also circulation policies for audio-visual materials in general.
> It appears that in several libraries there are movements to create
> homogenized circulation policies for both books and videotapes - extending
> loan periods for "popular" video titles from a few days to a week and
> - lowering late fees for videos to those for books, etc..
> My initial opinion is that these special materials need to be treated
> differently when it comes to circulation periods than books ("popular"
> function of the collection & fragility of the video media), but I really
> want to hear what others in the field have thought.
> Longer loan periods might encourage some patrons to take out videos, but
> put others off. I am trying to find the balance between high circulation
> (which we have) and wider public service. If you know of any article or
> work that addresses this question, please let me know.
> I thank you all for your time and patience.
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