RE: ALA Annual 2001 SF and other issues

Tatar, Becky (
Thu, 11 Jan 2001 07:04:55 -0800 (PST)

Gary, I don't know if my experience connects with what you are saying, but I
see a lot of people where I work who have no clue about video, or any other
av materials. The basic belief is that av is just like books, what can be
so hard? We are starting to get some interest (negative) by our board
members in the fact that we have so many direct orders. Why does
processesing and cataloging take so long? Why don't you have a certain
title? That last one, I hear all the time! I am finally going to start
DVDs, but the impression I am getting from our assistant director, and I
could be totally reading him wrong, is that I shouldn't worry about
collection policy - just order anything in order to get a collection. Don't
check reviews, evaluate titles, just order popular stuff. This flies in the
face of all our other av collections - popular titles, yes, but also a wide
range of other subjects. (I'll stop whining now.)

Also, are media courses available at library science (or should I say
Information science) schools? I don't remember any when I was studying for
my degree at Dominican University in the late 1980s. I work with av because
that's the department I was hired for when I first started as a

Another thing - how many people who work with video - or other media - know
this group exists? or what it does? I only found out accidentally a few
years ago - and we have had video since the early 80s. We used to have an
AV SIG in our system - it closed down a long time ago.

I don't know if all this adds to the discussion, or is down a different

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