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Dear Susan,

First Run / Icarus has a number of programs, including the series MOROCCO,

Its environment, its people and its history make Moroccan culture unique. A
synthesis of the Berbers, Sub-Sahara, Andalusia, Islam, and Judaism,
Morocco is a blend of vastly different civilizations, creating a distinct
identity. Ever mindful of this history, the Moroccan people express their
appreciation of their numerous traditions through many different kinds of

MOROCCO, BODY AND SOUL is a series of half hour films which present these
musical genres being performed in the environments which fostered them, all
the while giving viewers a window into the diverse components which
comprise Moroccan society. The films demonstrate how the vitality of the
music unites Moroccans with each other, and with heaven - their bodies and
their souls.

Visit this series' web page at:

or out Africa web page at:

Contact us with any questions, and thank you.

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