Re: Off for my long winter's nap

Ranny Levy (
Wed, 20 Dec 2000 12:38:25 -0800 (PST)

Happy Holidays to you Gary. This is a great list. I know I"m not an
often contributor but I find it of interest and relevance. Thanks for
maintaining it.
Ranny Levy

Gary Handman wrote:
> Hullo all you good videolib folk:
> Well, in about an hour (PST), I will be heading off for my traditional
> week-before-Christmas revels...a chance to regenerate fried synapses, eat
> and drink myself silly, and generally hang out and loosen up. I'll be back
> on January 3 and, until then, have little intention of creeping online for
> anything (oh well, maybe for a hot toddy recipe at
> that's all)
> Just wanted to thank ALL of you out there in videolibland for your
> continued input and counsel--you're really an amazing crew and I'm proud to
> be a colleague.
> nice while I'm away. Have a wonderful holiday and new year.
> Best,
> Gary Handman

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