Re: Copyright

Mark Richie (
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 06:30:57 -0800 (PST)

Mark Richie wrote:
> Section 108C US Copyright law allows libraries that are "open to the
> public" to make one copy of a phonorecord for preservation. This copy
> may not be circulated but can be made available for research. The
> provision is only to preserve a damaged phonorecord after a reasonable
> search has been made for a replacement. The DIgital Millennium Copyright
> Act of Oct 1998 extended this to 3 copies.
> The issue of changing formats from analog LP to Digital CD is not
> addressed in the DMCA I have. In Title II it only addresses copying
> works in a digital format "if such copying is incidental to the
> operation of the device in the course of otherwise lawful use of the
> work, . ..." They do this to keep lawyers employed.
> Perhaps others can find wording to support format transfer to preserve a
> work. I thought I remembered wording that allowed copying to a diferent
> format for preservation if the previous technology is obsolete or the
> playback equipment no longer exists, but I can;t find it. Of course of
> the playback equipment no longer exists it would be tough to make a
> copy.
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