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Tatar, Becky (
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:46:49 -0800 (PST)

Hello, all wise and knowing group. Sorry this is long. It has been sprung
on me that we are going to change our videos from being closed access to out
on the floor for the patrons to access directly. Hooray! Less walking for
all the 2nd floor staff. The problem - how to do this. This is where I
need your wise counsel. Our set up now is this: Collapsed video boxes, and
sleeves from clamshells are put in plastic sleeves, with a label on top, and
arranged in boxes by broad subject category. The sleeve label has
information on title, length, rating, closed captioning and the category.
The actual videos are put in brown clamshell type cases, with new labels on
the clamshell case, with the title on the spine and the front of the case.
The label on the front also has information on length, rating, rewind label,
no return in drop label. These are arranged in our CA room alphabetically.
Our goal - separate fiction and nonfiction on the open shelves, nonfiction
getting a Dewey Decimal number and cutter on the spine. Problem - how to
use the collapsed boxes. Many video series have been processed into double
clamshells, while their two boxes have been stuffed into one sleeve. The
shelves the videos are on now are to be taken down, painted and put out on
the floor for the tapes. Our director has said that it's possible we may
have 2 systems going at once - some straight alphabetical on the open
shelves, new titles arranged by fiction and Dewey number, and older titles
recalled as fast as possible. Is this feasable? Or would it be better to
just store everything? Our head cataloger and I want to do everything right
the first time, knowing that fast is not always the best way to go. A lot
of this is being decided while I have been on vacation or ill in the last
several weeks, but hey, I just work with this stuff. Ok, I'll stop whining
now. Please help! You can respond directly to me. Thank you thank you
thank you!

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