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Mark Richie (
Thu, 14 Dec 2000 14:56:11 -0800 (PST)

Five Sullivan brothers.

The US Navy recently (1997, Bath, Main) commissioned a second destroyer
(DDG 68) to bear the name "The Sullivans." The first (DD537) was
commissioned during WWII and was decommissioned in the early 1960s. The
current "The Sullivans" (note the specific inclusion of "the" in the
ship name) was sponsored by Kelly Sullivan Loughren, the granddaughter
of one of the men and christened the ship at launching.

Many Navy ships have their own web pages for family and professional
reasons, you might have some luck there.

BTW - it is a continuing myth that there is a law forbiding relatives
from serving on the same ship or in the same combat unit. It was
discussed after the Sullivans incident and after the incident "Saving
Private Ryan" is based on, (in the true story a Chaplain is sent to find
the Ryan character). RElatives are DISCOURAGED from serving together, or
even in a combat zone miles apart, but there is no law that forbids it.

Mark Richie

ViewingRace wrote:
> I'm hoping to find information about the Naval ship that sank with the 6
> Sullivan brothers aboard. I understand a movie was made related to this
> incident and the subsequent prevention of family being assigned to the
> same ship. I have a request from somebody is looking for the
> granddaughter (I believe), who has sponsored a web page and is a
> spokesperson for that era/incident in order to proceed with a dedication
> to the Sullivan family. If you have any information that might assist
> me in finding information about the Sullivan deaths aboard their ship, I
> would be most grateful. Thanks!
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