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The film was always dubbed. The mini-series/film was shot mostly silent
because camera noise in the submarine interior made it impossible to do live
sound. The voices -- German and English -- were then dubbed in. And the
dubbing IS excellent. Even the lip movement is mostly in synch.

Today, neither the 5-hour mini-series version nor the original 145-minute
cut is available. Only the so-called "director's cut" (209-or-so minutes)--
but this was a version only recently created as part of a restoration. It
didn't exist until 1996.

It's a shame that the version that made the film a classic is no longer
available. Even at the relatively shorter 145 minute length I remember much
butt-shifting during the tail-end of the film when it was in theatrical
release (you can imagine what it must be like for students watching this on
hard seats in a lecture hall). But it helped make the tragic, fast-paced
ending much more powerful. Now, with more than an hour of extra footage,
watching the film has become an endurance test.

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The DVD has both versions... Can you dig it??

Gary Handman

, you wrote:
>Opinion question:
>Would you recommend the original German version of "Das Boot" or the dubbed
>Normally I wouldn't consider ordering a dubbed version, but I found reviews
>mentioning how well done the dubbing is.
>(Apparently, none of the professors here use Das Boot because it's not in
>the video collection. Hence the reason I'm having to put in an order.)
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