Re: Difference in formats(?)
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 15:55:10 -0800 (PST)

If you don't understand the DVD variations, you are not alone. We are a DVD producer and have been struggling to obtain an answer to what will play in which country. However, not even the President of a DVD authoring house was able to give a definite answer.

In theory, DVDs coded "1" will play on U.S. DVD players, while code 2 is for the UK. DVDs are also recorded in NTSC or PAL, the latter for the UK.
However, we have sold hundreds of code 1 DVDs that are NTSC recorded to customers in the UK, and have not heard a single complaint.

It's not clear to us whether DVD players, or perhaps the
DVD discs, are effective blockers of wrong codes. We also cannot seem to get a definite answer about whether PAL vs. NTSC makes a difference to DVD playability.

We did ascertain that older DVD players are less likely to play DVD "9s", which have dual layers. If a DVD has three hours or more of recording on it, it's probably a 9.

This probably hasn't been a great deal of help.

John Robey
Questar Video