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The international developers and licensers of DVD tech hardware and
software, in their avaricious wisdom, have divided the world into various
DVD standards regions (see Generally, a garden
variety US DVD player only plays Region 1, if you buy a Region 2
DVD disc (Western Euro and GB), you be outa luck.

You can now buy multi-region players. There is also a technique for
jiggering with Region 1 players to get them to play multiple regions (I
haven't tried it).


At 03:01 PM 12/05/2000 -0800, you wrote:

>I have had a staff member ask me about the difference between DVD's sold in
>America and those sold in Great Britain. In particular they asked if a
>British DVD could be played without any problems on an American DVD player
>or computer with DVD capability? The person who asked the question
>mentioned 'Region 2 encoding' which is apparently for Europe, the Middle
>East, & Japan only. U.S. DVD's are listed as in a different region. I
>believe they got this information from &/or
>I am aware (somewhat) of the difference regarding British/European videos
>which are in the PAL format (?) and that they cannot be played on American
>video players without some kind of 'translation' (I know that is not the
>correct term but my meaning is basically the same.) We have just started
>to get into ordering DVD's here and I do not know the answer to this
>question and thought that someone out on videolib could help me.
>Can someone please explain the problem, if there is any, regarding playing
>a British DVD on an American PC or DVD player? Responses can be sent
>directly to me at my e-mail address below if this message, & any responses,
> will clutter up the listserv.
>Is this similar to the difficulty with videos in the PAL format? I'm not
>sure if I understand that one as well as I should either so any information
>on either should be useful.
>Many thanks in advance.
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