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Charly Bauer (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 12:53:40 -0800 (PST)

Does anyone know the URL for 'Benchmark' (video distributors/producers ?)
that is referenced below? I couldn't locate one.

Also, I am interested in hearing from producers, distibutors or suppliers
who have licensed such 'IP Transmission Rights' or at least have starting to
think about it. Finally, what professional conferences or trade shows
would I attend to meet those people?



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> Colette: > Gary's answer not withstanding, you will need to negotiate a different > set of license rights with each producer above and beyong public > performance or broarcast/cable cast rights. We call them IP > Transmission Rights and make them apply to both store and forward > (downloaded) and streaming via the Web. > > We wouln't think of apporaching PBS for such rights. First, the concept > is so new, they have no idea how to deal with it. > Second, their titles are hopelessly mired in contract language from > thier producers. > > We go after companies that produce for the education market and make > core curriculum titles rather than social issue docs or infotainment. > Try films for the humanities & benchmark. > > Before you ask, we don;t have a set "contract" with our suppliers but > certain understanding s apply: 1 fee per title, no renewal costs, no > limits on number of hits or downloads in a semester (they don't limit > how many times we circulate a hard copy title), has to be 30fps and > compatible with iDVS interactive viewer. Cooperation so far has been > good. Companies that resist or want other demands we just skip over. > > Best of luck going digital. > Mark >