Re: video streaming and copyright

Mary Lou Neighbour (
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 09:11:12 -0800 (PST)

We, in the AV Library at Montgomery County Community College, are new members to this list. We have been following the recent thread re. video streaming with great interest. These concerns have arisen on our campus, also, and we have a question on permissions.

We have a new intranet broadcast system called IPTV for which we, in AV, have maintained that permission from the video rights holder is necessary, as a derivative digital copy is made for transmission on demand. Our insistance on permission has been vindicated on this list! We have asked that the faculty member involved write for that permission. Only a couple of faculty have chosen to use IPTV so far.

Because of our position on permissions, the head of Information Technology has insisted just this week that we, in AV, write in advance for permission for every single video in our collection - nearly 4,000 titles - so that we will be prepared in case faculty want to put a video up on IPTV! And now, our Academic Dean has decreed that the AV Library will be responsible for negotiating permissions as they arise.

We solicit from the list your reactions to or experiences with having the library rather than the faculty request permissions. The few copyright permissions we have sought in other matters have been incredibly time-consuming, with numerous phone calls, emails and faxes back and forth. We have a very small staff who are already overburdened. We believe that it should be the responsibility of the faculty, who knows how they will use the videos, to obtain the permission. Your opinions, experiences?