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There is also and excerpt of that speech in the excellent new "American
documentary, "George Wallace, Settin' the Woods on Fire." That program
rocks and
should be in all academic media libraries.

-margaret d.

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I think finding the entire speech is gonna be verrrrry difficult; however,
if memory serves, there are clips featured in

Kennedy v. Wallace : a crisis up close / produced by Drew Associates, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA : Direct Cinema Limited, 1988.

also possibly in the installment of the PBS series People's Century
entitled Skin deep, 1960

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>We have a faculty member teaching the history of political
>discourse. We're looking for a audio or video copy of George Wallace's
>January 14, 1963 Inaugural Address.."segregation today...segregation
>tomorrow...segregation forever". Any ideas?
>Thanks, in advance.
>David Horvath
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