Re: RTI TapeChek Machines

Mark Richie (
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 13:46:35 -0800 (PST)

we have two 460s and a 470. The first one was purchased about 1992.
We run about 200 a week thru them and over the summer also use the erase
feature for about 500 tapes. Only proplems have been due to poor
quality tape cases. Ocassionally we get one that will not eject. The
tape door gets hung up on something. But with a little poking with a
screwdriver it eventaully pops up.

They have been real work horses for us.

M Richie wrote:
> VIdeofolk--
> One of our libraries is having trouble with their TapeChek 460 and is
> wondering if the problem is wear and tear or operator error.
> They have had the machine since 1994 and it gets heavy use. We have two
> 470's here and have experienced only one problem, but haven't had them
> as long or used them as hard as the library in question. Have any of you
> folk who are using a 400 model Tape Chek experienced any machine problems
> that you could diagnose as the machine showing its' age or just "wearing
> out"? I am not talking about cleaning tissue or burnishing blade
> replacements, but more serious or repeated mechanical failures.
> Thank you for any feedback.
> B. Rhodes
> Audiovisual Consultant
> Northeast Texas Library System
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