DVD security

Lucy Lockley (llockley@mail.win.org)
Thu, 9 Nov 2000 15:31:25 -0800 (PST)

I know this has probably been discussed before but my district had not
addressed the issue previously and now we are starting to purchase DVD's
for public checkout. Please forgive the reduncancy of the questions, I am
passing them on for another. Any assistance with this is greatly
appreciated. Please respond direct to the e-mail address listed below so
as not to clutter up the listserv again. Thank you in advance.

What 'product/device' does your system use for the security of DVD's? (We
do intend to make them available for checkout and would like to have them
readily accessible to the public.) Have you had any problems with your
chosen product? If so what type(s) of problems? What is your supply
source for the type of security device(s) you use?

Below is how the question was passed on to me but I added the above
questions after some consulation with my co-worker:
>How do public libraries with 3M security systems secure the DVD's? Also,
some of the DVD's have both sides as vital versions of the same movie,
i.e., letterbox on one side, and regular on side two. Do you choose one
and forget the other?
>I would like to hear from libraries that are alreading using DVD's. Thank
you so much for your help.

If there are any other 'vital' issues regarding the checkout security of
DVD's that I have missed please pass the question/answers along. As I
mentioned above, we're new to this topic and would appreciate any help.

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