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Hi John,
This has been an on-going discussion for the last few weeks. This last
message seems to sum it up. We might want to rethink our use of dry head
Cheers, Jane

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After MANY discussions for many years of this matter back in the 1980s, it
seemed to come down to these ideas:

#1 Wet head cleaners-NO GOOD. The liquid stays behind. Use only a
reputable dry and 3M is what I use.

#2 Do NOT use a head cleaner regularly as their instructions want you to.
They really are not so good for VCR heads which are much more sensitive than
audio tape heads.

#3 Use them only when absolutely needed. I have had my current VCR for 4
years and have cleaned the heads but once. The dreaded abrasion factor is
very minimal-to-negligible when used seldom-hardly more than running a
regular tape through.

#4 In deference to Wiggers, if you got a $7000 machine-have it
professionally cleaned. If you got a $150 dollar machine as most of us, the
once every few years dry head cleaner is okay.

However, nothing is guaranteed in life.

Trent Nicholas
Statewide Media Resource Coordinator

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What library vendors are recommended from whom to purchase video
head cleaning supplies? We think we need a video cassette with a
cleaning tape. But what alternatives are there?



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