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Wed, 1 Nov 2000 05:18:45 -0800 (PST)

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>This survey is being conducted by Instructional Media Services, Mansfield
>Library, University of MontanaMissoula. For further information, please
>Melisa Nicoud, Mansfield Library, University of Montana, Missoula,
>Montana. 59812-9936 or Karen Driessen, Mansfield Library, University of
>Montana, Missoula, Montana 59812-4968.
>We would appreciate your valuable input by taking a few moments to complete
>the following survey. Please drop into the box marked Media Survey at the
>CCUMC Registration table. Thank you.
>1. What type of library are you affiliated with:
>__X__ Academic
>2. Is your media collection: Is your music collection:

>____X_____Combination of open/closed ____X____Combination

>3. If your collections are open, to which formats does this apply?
>(Check all that apply)
>Open Closed Open Closed
> (LPs)
>Computer files.....closed
>Videocassettes.....98% open
> ________
> ______ _______
>4. Are any of the collections bookable? Available for advanced
>booking? No, but we accommodate curricular needs
>5. How is your media collection organized? How is your music
>collection organized?

Media = LC
Music recordings = Accesion #
Printed music = LC
Software = LC

>6. If your media and music collections are open, what security
>measures are being used?
>_________Quik cases
>_________Browse empty cases
>Other security measures, please explain:


>7. How do your media and music material circulate: (for Academic and
>Special Libraries)

>____X_____Students, faculty and staff only (except for printed music & govt

>____X_____Inter-Library Loan (video but not sound recordings)
>8. Are you satisfied with your current media/music
>arrangements? Please explain.

It's the best we can do with available security technology.

>Karen C. Driessen, Director Phone: 406-243-2856
>Instructional Media Services (MMLAO1) FAX: 406-243-4067
>32 Campus Drive #4968 E-mail:
>The University of Montana
>Missoula MT 59812-4968