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Please respond to

Please excuse any duplicate messages. This survey was recently handed out
to registrants of the CCUMC conference in Denton, Texas as well as the OLAC
conference in Seattle. If you know your library has already responded,
please do not respond again.

However, if you haven't done so, could you or someone else in your library
take a few minutes to reply by email to the following questions? Our media
collections have recently been moved into the library. The questions
being raised are Why treat these collections any differently from books?
Shouldn't they be in open stacks and have the same library policies applied
to them as for everything else? This survey is an attempt to find out what
is being done in other academic libraries who house media and music
collections. I will be happy to send a compilation of all the results to
the list once they have been tallied

Thanks very much for your time.


This survey is being conducted by Instructional Media Services, Mansfield
Library, University of MontanaMissoula. For further information, please
Melisa Nicoud, Mansfield Library, University of Montana, Missoula, Montana.
59812-9936 or Karen Driessen, Mansfield Library, University of Montana,
Missoula, Montana 59812-4968.

We would appreciate your valuable input by taking a few moments to complete
the following survey. Please drop into the box marked Media Survey at the
CCUMC Registration table. Thank you.

1. What type of library are you affiliated with:
__X__ Academic ____Special _____Public ______School
(K-12) ______Other

2. Is your media collection: Is your music
_________Open stacks ____X____Open stacks
____X_____Closed stacks ________Closed stacks
_________Combination of open/closed ________Combination
_________Integrated with print collection
________Integrated with print collection

3. If your collections are open, to which formats does this
apply? (Check all that apply)
Open Closed Open Closed

Art prints ______ _______
Phonodiscs ____X____ _______
Audiocassettes ___X___ _______ Slides
________ _______
CDs ______ _______ Slides/w
cassettes ________ _______
Computer files ______ _______ Study prints
________ _______
DVDs ______ _______ Videocassettes
________ _______
Globes ______ _______ Scores ____X____
Kits ______ _______ Sheet music
____X____ _______
Maps ______ _______

4. Are any of the collections bookable? Available for advanced
booking? If yes, are any bookable formats in open stacks? If yes,
please specifiy: __Visual media is bookable though not available in
open stacks____

5. How is your media collection organized? How is your
music collection organized?
_________LC ________LC
_________Dewey ________Dewey
____X____Accession Number ____X___Accession number
_________Other ________Other

6. If your media and music collections are open, what security
measures are being used?
_________Quik cases
_________Browse empty cases
Other security measures, please explain:

7. How do your media and music material circulate: (for Academic
and Special Libraries)
________On-Site use only
_________Faculty check out only
_________Students, faculty and staff only
_____X____Students, faculty, staff and non-university patrons
_________Inter-Library Loan
Other? Please explain:
Faculty for off-site use; students, staff, and non-university patrons
restricted to in-house use.

8. Are you satisfied with your current media/music arrangements?
Please explain.
The ideal would be to permit all students to borrow feature films
for home use but to date this has not been feasible due to classroom
demands for the material and the need to guarantee reservations.


Karen C. Driessen, Director Phone: 406-243-2856
Instructional Media Services (MMLAO1) FAX: 406-243-4067
32 Campus Drive #4968 E-mail:
The University of Montana
Missoula MT 59812-4968