Video Weeding

Michael Vollmar-Grone (
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 11:48:04 -0700 (PDT)

We hit the space wall about 6 years ago. Ironically, I just started my
bi-annual weeding yesterday. Since we add about 400 titles a year, 800
need to be removed every other year. It plays heck with collection
development, to say the least.

The collection is segmented in four categories: adult entertainment,
adult information, children’s entertainment, and children’s
information. Circulation information is examined. Minimum uses are
then determined for each category based on the percentage of the
collection. For instance, if the children’s information category is 10
percent of the video collection, then 10 percent of the total weeded
videos must be children’s informational titles. In this case, 80
children’s videos would be targeted for removal.

All must be in the collection at least two years before removal. Those
titles that do not meet the minimum usage are removed. The removed
titles are offered to local schools first, then other public libraries,
and finally are available to the staff and to the community through the
annual Book Fair.

The Core Videotape Collection is exempt from weeding. The following
criteria are used.
a. National Film Registry.
b. Top Awards from nationally recognized organizations.
(i.e. Academy Awards, Cannes, Sundance, Golden Globes, etc.).
c. Top Ratings by acknowledged critics.
(i.e. 5 Stars by Martin & Porter (Video Movie Guide),
5 Stars by Video Rating Guide,
4 Stars by Maltin, Ebert, etc.),
4 Stars by Video Librarian).
d. Highest possible recommendation from professional journals.
(e.g. Library Journal).
e. Expertise of those responsible for material selection whose judgment
is critical
in applying the Vision and Mission of the library.
f. Local interest videos (e.g. those about Ohio and the greater Shelby
County area).

That’s the short version. If there are any questions or if I can
provide more details, please let me know.

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Amos Memorial Public Library
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