RE: The lowdown on Eye of the Storm and other Jane Elliott titles

Larry Adelman (
Fri, 27 Oct 2000 09:46:57 -0700 (PDT)

"Eye of the Storm" is the original Jane Elliott film where she divides her
fourth grade class into brown eyes and blue eyes. It was made in 1970 (sic)
and is available from Guidance Associates.

"A Class Divided" was made with Elliott about 1985 by Frontline and
incorporates interviews and some clips with the original with some diversity
work Elliott did in a prison. It's available from PBS Video.

"Blue Eyed" is the most recent Jane Elliott film, released in 1997. Viewers
accompany her as she divides a group of adults in a training workshop into
brown eyes and blue eyes. It also includes clips from the original film, a
reunion with some of the class members 25 years or so later, and a look at
Elliott's life and work where she explains the reasoning behind the
exercise. It's available from us here at California Newsreel.

"The Essential Blue Eyed" is an edited version of "Blue Eyed." It's 50
minutes long. We made it because many folks told us they found Blue Eyed
terribly compelling but at 90 minutes was too long for many uses. Appended
to the edited version on the same cassette is also 30 minute "debriefing"
where Elliott helps the participants apply the lessons from the workshop to
their daily work lives. "The Essential Blue Eyed" is available from us at
California Newsreel.

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