DVD - demage and security

Mike Boedicker (mboedicker@juno.com)
Thu, 26 Oct 2000 15:44:02 -0700 (PDT)

Lisa, I know what you mean about DVD cases being poorly designed so that
it's difficult to remove the discs. We place a basic care & handling label
inside each case which says "remove disc carefully, hold only by the edges,
return to case when not in use." Not much info, but it's all that can
reasonably fit on a small sticker. There are several kinds of DVD cases out
there, and the one which seems to cause the least amount of damage (and
works the easiest) is where the center-hole mechanism is pushed and the disc
pops out; they're made by a company named Amaray.

As for security, we originally placed magnetic strips on the outer Kwik
(security) case only. However, some loser brought in a pair of heavy-duty
pliers, and while hidden in the stacks snapped open the Kwik cases and took
the inner case and disc. So now we put double-sided magnetic strips between
the cover art and inner case; the double-sided tape keeps the cover art
pressed to the case and hidden. This still won't prevent someone from
stealing the disc itself, but the only way I've seen to prevent that is
those donut-type magnetic stickers that fit around the hub of the disc.
Supposedly they'll work with our current 3M security gate -- for an $8000

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