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Right. And the sequel includes clips from the first film, as well as a
workshsop Jane Elliott did with adults who were employees of a correctional
institution. We bought ours from Insight Media last spring.


> "The Eye of the Storm" and "A Class Divided" are two different films. "Eye
> of the Storm" takes place in a classroom where the teacher divides the
> students into two groups. Those with blue eyes, and those with brown eyes
> to teach them about prejudice. "A Class Divided" is the sequel film
> bringing these same kids back together as adults.
> Jim Glenn
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> At 01:02 PM 10/26/00 -0700, you wrote:
> >I believe it's available through PBS under the title "A Class Divided". A
> lot of people get confused about this, I don't know why they changed the
> title.
> >LeeAnne K.
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> >
> >>>> 10/26/00 03:57PM >>>
> >Can anyone give me a lead on where to purchase "The Eye of the Storm"
> >This is the video about the teacher who
> >
> >taught her students about the realities of prejudice by using the color of
> their eyes as the criterion of superiority.
> >The copy we have in our region was purchased quite some time ago and we have
> >a patron who would like to buy his own copy. Any help would be appreciated.
> >Mary Gontarek
> >Owatonna Public Library
> >Owatonna, MN
> >
> >
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