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Subject: DVD - demage and security

> Our library has started acquiring DVD videos. From time to time these
> get damaged by users, creating cracks from the center edge. The design of
> the center button inside the case seems not suitable for frequent use.
> some users do not bring out and put back the disc in the proper way and
> are too rude to the disc. We have not had such problems in CD-ROMs,
> video-CDs and other CD materials. I am interested to know whether other
> libraries have the same problem or experience.
> In addition, I'd also like to hear how other libraries handle the security
> of DVD. We've tried 3M tattle tape for CD & CD-ROm but find it's not
> suitable for DVD. There are cases that the DVDs become bended or cannot
> play. After we remove the tattle tape, the problem disappears.
> Lisa Kwan
> Media Services Librarian
> Pao Yue-kong Library
> The Hong Kong Polytechnic University