Re: security for videocassettes
Wed, 25 Oct 2000 12:43:20 -0700 (PDT)

Closed stacks is still the best solution we've found. Regretible, I've
learned from 20+ years of experience that closed stacks do not guarantee that
videos will not "walk." Our closed stacks, now in the third location, are
behind a long public service desk that has limited access, and yet videos
disappear occasionally. Sometimes they will re-appear, tho' a few are never
returned. This is to say, unless your closed stacks are locked with limited
access which would make public service a hassle, expect a to "walk." Now, I
expect a few "walking videos." It goes with the territory and I just hope that
those "walkers" are the easily replaced titles which they usually are.
We also tried tattletape, but videos still "walked."

My 2 cents worth. Jane Agee

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Two words: Closed Stacks! (of course it's more work the staff, but we find it
LeeAnne K.

>>> Lfl$ 10/25/00 02:18PM >>>

can anyone out there help me find out how to prevent videocassettes
from walking?

is using tattletape inside the box a good method?

what security strips are out there?

many thanks