Films Inc. The whole story

Jessica (
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 08:53:06 -0700 (PDT)

As a former FI employee and film rights nerd here is what happened

FI was driven out of business by some bad moves mainly in their educational
and business divisions and of course by the evil SWANK. They had a very
large collection of films which went to the FOLLOWING COMPANIES

Paramount to SWANK ( this was the straw that broke FI)
FOX, New Line/FIne Line & ABC/ Selznick films to Criterion
Janus, RKO and anything FI thought they owned to Kit Parker

Unfortunately hundreds and hundreds of titles were lost in the shuffle. Some
because of rights problems and some because the prints disappeared. I would
say the majority of the wonderful old audio - Branden library is gone. Many
of these titles are not on video. If you have the old FI INDEX catalogue it
can help you figure out where a prints SHOULD be because it lists each
owner/ company next to the title. I would estimate that due to the various
problems probably 1/3rd of the FI Feature film library is no longer
available. As for the educational division stuff, I think most of that fell
through the cracks.

Good luck tracking titles

Jessica Rosner
( back from her trip to Italy and ready to post useless info again)