Re: Info on combining services

Linda Harris (
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 13:43:46 -0700 (PDT)

Funny that you are bringing this subject up since this is exactly what is
happening at our library as well. Instructional Media Services which is
the media and classroom support division of the library was divided into
two locations this past summer. The media materials were moved into the
main library building and the equipment, equipment circulation, classroom
support, and production services were left in the building which formerly
housed the entire department. When the media moved to the library
building Media and Music Resources was created with a separate media
circulation point to deal with the closed media stacks and film/video
booking functions as well as oversee the listening and viewing
facility. However, this was only a temporary solution based on the fact
that this plan was conceived and implemented in less that two months. We
will be combining our circulation points into one next summer. How that is
going to be done and how it is going to work is way up in the air right
now. Currently, all media formats are closed except art prints and study
prints which patrons can browse and the music scores which are also a part
of Media and Music Resources. What media formats will be opened and which
will remain closed is a hugh issue and how to deal with closed stacks from
one circulation point is another. I would like to expand on Joan's inquiry
regarding "blended services" and ask how other media libraries are
operating. Do you have closed stacks, open stacks, if open what kind of
security? Do you have multiple circ points? Do you have booking for
classroom use, off campus use? If you do booking, what kind of system do
you use? Who is allowed to use your media? Can students check material
out and take it home? What privileges do faculty have regarding
media? What are your check out periods. Any information you would like
to pass along about what is "working" at your library and what is "not
working" would be appreciated. Thanks for your help. Linda

At 03:33 PM 10/19/00 -0700, Joan Goodwin wrote:
>Video Libbers,
>I am looking for information from those of you who serve as media
>coordinators in academic libraries. Our library is studying the idea
>of a physical reorganization. One of the considerations is the combining
>of service points. I would be interested to know what others in the
>field are doing, if anything, about the issue of 'blending services'.
>I have a few questions, but any and all input would be appreciated.
>You can reply to me off the list. I hope these questions make sense.
>Are you a closed-stack facility?
>Does your department have a media faculty reserve/limited loan?
>If so, is your Media department combined with a reserve/limited loan book
>Electronic Reserves?
>Does your department share physical space or a service point with any other
>If your material circulates, is it checked out from the department, or at a
>central circulation point?
>Do you offer any multimedia services through your department, e.g.
>slide-scanning, laser-scanner, digital video editing, audio mixing, etc.?
>Thank you in advance for your help. Every reply will be rewarded!
>(with my undying gratitude)