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Joan Goodwin
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Video Libbers,

I am looking for information from those of you who serve as media
coordinators in academic libraries. Our library is studying the idea
of a physical reorganization. One of the considerations is the combining
of service points. I would be interested to know what others in the
field are doing, if anything, about the issue of 'blending services'.
I have a few questions, but any and all input would be appreciated.
You can reply to me off the list. I hope these questions make sense.

Are you a closed-stack facility? yes

Does your department have a media faculty reserve/limited loan? No. But we
would put media in our Course Reserves if requested by Instructor.

If so, is your Media department combined with a reserve/limited loan book
area? Physically yes.
Electronic Reserves? Same

Does your department share physical space or a service point with any other

department? Yes. Lending Services is comprised of Circ, AV (including
media and bookable equipment for instructors only) , Course Reserves and
Sp. Collections.The AV area also has equipment carrels for viewing media.

If your material circulates, is it checked out from the department, or at a
central circulation point? It is cko from Lending Services from any
work station but usually from the Main AV service point in the Lending
Services counter. Students can only view media inhouse.

Do you offer any multimedia services through your department, e.g.
slide-scanning, laser-scanner, digital video editing, audio mixing, etc.?
No. That is done one floor down in our Project Factory.

Thank you in advance for your help. Every reply will be rewarded!
(with my undying gratitude)