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The collection of videos here is done by 2 of us who have divided between
us the different schools (ie programs) in the Institute. We are given one
budget from which to purchase AV. We do our purchasing/selecting based
largely on recommendations from instructors in our programs who will tell
us they'd like videos on certain subjects. Its then up to us to try to
locate material and have it brought in for preview or on approval. We
seldom buy a title outright because videos in the subjects taught here are
usually quite expensive.

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I would like to find out how video collection development is done at other
institutions. Here at Manhattanville, the librarians all have a handful of
departments that we are liaison to. Originally, I handled all video
requests but I have changed it so that the liaison with that department
handles the request while I still oversee the purchases somewhat. It's a
bit strange since we do not have specific budgets for each department when
it comes to videos because not every department purchases videos from us.
I would really enjoy hearing some input about how these procedures are
handled at other places. Thanks for everyone's help!

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