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>Here are a few videos I like on these topics...a mix of old wave and new
>wave immigration stuff:


Dreams Ensnared: The Dominican Migration to New York. 1994. 22
min. Cinema Guild
Haiti, Killing the Dream. 1992. 60 min. Crowing Rooster
Productions. Tel.800/424-0305
Mi Puerto Rico. 1996. 90 min National Latino Communications
Miami-Havana. 1992. 52 min. (yow! can't seem to find the
distributor of this...)
Sworn to the Drum: A Tribute to Francisco Aguabella. 35 min.
Flower Films
TropiCola. 1997. 135 min. (yow! can't seem to find the
distributor of this...)
Black & White in Exile. 1997. 162 min. National Latino
Communications Center

Feature Films:

Nueba Yol (1995) Directed by Angel Muniz.
El Súper (1979) Directed by L. Ichaso. & Orlando Jimenez-Leal.

>Central America
Mayan Voices: American lives. 1994. 56 min. First Run/Icarus Films
Pictures from a Revolution. 1991. 93 min. Kino

>East Asia

Ancestors in the Americas: Coolies, Sailors, Settlers 1996. 64
min.) Berkeley, CA : Center for Educational Telecommunications
Ancestors in the Americas: Chinese in the Frontier West, an
American Story. 1998. 60 min. Berkeley, CA : Center for Educational
Chinatown (Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco) KQED (San
Chinese Roots. 27
Mah Jong Orphan. Filmakers Library
My America, or, Honk If You Love Buddha (I think NAATA distributes this
Separate Lives, Broken Dreams: The Saga of Chinese Immigration
Who Killed Vincent Chin? Filmakers Library


South/SE Asia

A.k.a. Don Bonus. 55
Anatomy of a Springroll. 1992. 56 min. Filmakers Library
Becoming American. 58 min. New Day Films
Between Worlds. 57 min. University of California, Center for Media and
Independent Learning
Blue Collar and Buddha.
Bui Doi: Life Like
Dollar a Day, Ten Cents a Dance. 30 min.
The Fall of the I Hotel. 57 min.
In No One's Shadow: Filipinos in America.
Kelly Loves Tony.
Knowing Her Place. Women Make Movies
Miss India Georgia. Hohokus, NJ : Urban Life Productions
So Far From India. Filmakers Library

Feature Films:

Alamo Bay (1985) Directed by Louis Malle.
Combination Platter.(1993) Directed by Tony Chan.
Dim Sum. (1985) Directed by Wayne Wang.
Double Happiness. (1995) Directed by Mina
A Great Wall (1985) Directed by Peter
Living on Tokyo Time (1986) Directed by Steven
Mississippi Masala. (1991) Directed by Mira Nair.
Picture Bride. (1995) Direced by Kayo Hatta.
West is West (1987) Directed by David Rathod.

>North and Sub-Saharan Africa

Hmmmmm... Let me think about this for awhile. Can't think right off of
any videos on immigrants from these parts...

>Eastern Europe and Scandinavia

Ellis Island. 1997. 3 videocassettes, 50 min. ea. A&E Home Video
The Exiles 117 min. FACETS, et al.
God Bless America and Poland Too. PBS...may be outa print
Journey to America (The American Experience) ditto
Old World, New World.(Destination America; 1) Films for the Humanities and
The Power and the People. (from the series New York, A Documentary
Film) PBS Video
Road Scholar. FACETS, et al.
West of Hester Street. FACETS, et al

Feature Films:

The Emigrants (1971) Directed by Jan Troell
The New Land(1972) Directed by Jan Troell
Hester Street (1975) Directed by Joan Micklin Silver.
Moscow on the Hudson (1984) Directed by Paul Mazursky

>I'd really like to hear your recommendations on titles--fiction and
>non--fiction, plus distributors--for the topic of new immigration wave
>to U. S.
>Thanks so much

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