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To add, I heard that the Films, Inc. movie print collection went primarily
to Swank MoPics and Kit Parker Films.

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Films Inc died a lamentable death a number of years back.
To my knowledge, the majority of their non-theatrical titles dropped off the
end of the earth at that time. Really, really, sad! They had a great list.
It's vaguely possible that some of those titles are still available as
rentals from University Media Centers (Penn State, you out there???)

Yea! we're out here -- not exactly sure what we might have in the
collection from films in ... but I do have a note in my distributor file
that Films Inc. became (or became part of) Public Media/Home Vision. If
you're looking for something specific, you might try giving them a call:

If you're curious if Penn State has something, check out our
website: <> ,
call us at 800-826-0132 or throw me an email.


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