New On-Line Searchable Database for Video Librarians

Ryan Krivoshey (
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 10:15:03 -0700 (PDT)

         =           &= nbsp;    1,800 EDUCATIONAL & SOCIAL ISSUE DOCUMENTARIES
         =           &= nbsp;         &n= bsp;  FROM FOUR LEADING DISTRIBUTORS
         =           &= nbsp;         &n= bsp;         &nb= sp;AT ONE NEW WEB SITE

         =           &= nbsp;         &n= bsp;         &nb= sp;   WWW.DOCUSEEK.COM

New York, NY - The combined collections of four leading distributors of= independent documentary film & video, representing over 1,800 of the= highest quality films & videos, are now searchable simultaneously at= one new web site -

DocuSeek is a searchable database for documentary, social issue, and= educational videos. Constructed with the needs of video users in mind,= DocuSeek allows you to search for videos by grade level, length, filmmaker,= and other specific characteristics in addition to the key word search most= search engines use. DocuSeek 'finds' include complete title information, a= detailed description, reviews and awards. And, DocuSeek simplifies the= ordering process by providing direct links to the distributors.

DocuSeek currently features the complete collections of four of the nation's= leading educational distributors. They are:
=B7 Bullfrog Films, the nation's oldest and largest distributor of= environmental videos
=B7 Fanlight Productions, whose outstanding collection features= award-winning videos on healthcare, aging, mental health, disabilities,= ethics, family & gender issues
=B7 First Run / Icarus Films, distributor of over 700 productions providing= innovative and informative views of our rapidly changing world, including= the largest collection of award-winning theatrically released documentaries=
=B7 New Day Films, the premiere distribution cooperative for social issue= media.

DocuSeek combines the full support you have come to expect from these fine= companies with the convenience of searching among their collections= simultaneously, at one location. More companies will be added to the= database and web site before year-end.

The site also includes resources and links indispensable for video users and= professionals in the field.
DocuSeek facilitates the efforts of librarians, academics, and other film= & video users looking for quality titles which might otherwise be= difficult to find.