Re: Broadcast video

Mark Richie (
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 07:34:33 -0700 (PDT)

Not sure what you mean by "commercial video" or even by "broadcast."
Broadcasting, as in a scheduled time for a video to feed, may be treated
differently in a license than video on demand (streamed or downloaded).

We pay 300 to 500 per title for EDUCATIONAL video IP Transmission rights
to our service area - 155 school buildings, 70K students, if that helps.
None of these are feature films and none are "low cost" video.

Vince Jenkins wrote:
> We would appreciate hearing from those of you with experience in
> acquiring rights for limited but broad "compu-casting" of commercial
> videos over a wide area network. Several of the district's 10 libraries
> collect video formats. We propose to broadcast them over IPTV to any
> employee's desktop. We have broadband rights agreements that are
> limited to single campuses and we need to know if expanding those rights
> to the entire district could be prohibitively expensive.
> Thanks.
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