Re: Scheduling vs. circulating videos

Victoria Caplan (
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 18:09:28 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 12 Oct 2000 SDavies@MtRoyal.AB.CA wrote:
> Which institutions will circulate videos generally as well as take
> bookings for them?

We do.

> I'm not aware of a fully automated library which treats its videos as
> both circulating and bookable. It's usually one or the other, or the video
> collection is split into the bookable and non-bookable. Here, the booking
> has been a manual process up until now. You will wonder how we avoid
> conflicts. It is cumbersome to process booking requests with any
> guarantee, and we've just been trusting to luck. In addition to an item
> being bookable at Media, a patron can ask for the item to be placed on hold
> at Circulation; it's two separate processes. Does this sound like madness,
> or what?

We have a fully automated system called INNOPAC from Innovatove
interfaces. The Media circulates for 3 (feature films) or 7 days
(non-feature films and music). Faculty can also put material on Media
Reserve which circulates within the library only, for 2 hours.

Faculty may "book" a film in advance, if they notify us at least a
week in advance. What we do is check the item out to our departmental
account (to make it unavailable) and then put a note in the item record
that Dr. So-and-so needs it on such-and-such a date. Professors and TA's
may also check the material they put on Reserve out of the Library if they
need to show it in class. In order to do so they have to fill out a
Special Loan Form and then the counter staff over-ride the usual

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