Scheduling vs. circulating videos

Thu, 12 Oct 2000 11:49:28 -0700 (PDT)

This is really a philosophical issue rather than a situational one. I use
the words "scheduling" and "booking" interchangeably.

Which institutions will circulate videos generally as well as take
bookings for them?

Currently, and I must admit against my wishes, my institution has an
open collection of videos in the Library. Patrons can browse the shelves
and borrow them from the Circulation Desk, or ask the Media Desk to book
the videos for a particular day and time. These are videos with public
performance rights (PPR) and are separate from the videos which are
interfiled in the main stacks and which are for "Home use only".

I'm not aware of a fully automated library which treats its videos as
both circulating and bookable. It's usually one or the other, or the video
collection is split into the bookable and non-bookable. Here, the booking
has been a manual process up until now. You will wonder how we avoid
conflicts. It is cumbersome to process booking requests with any
guarantee, and we've just been trusting to luck. In addition to an item
being bookable at Media, a patron can ask for the item to be placed on hold
at Circulation; it's two separate processes. Does this sound like madness,
or what?

We're just learning our Media Scheduling module of Endeavor's Voyager
library system. In order to schedule a video from our Library collection,
the item must have a media type entered. Items with Media types can only
be loaned when scheduled; they cannot be loaned off-the-cuff thru the
Circulation module unless they have their media type cancelled.

I assume we're at the make-or-break point of pursuing our library's
policy of freely circulating bookable videos. Any contributions for our
discussion would be greatly appreciated.

Stephen Davies
Library Assistant
Mount Royal College, Calgary