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Dear Videolib folk,

As you all so eloquently address the digital future, the future manifested
itself visibly to me in this Paramount Home Video mailer which I received
today and which announces "The Show That Forever Changed Television..." .
The VHS and DVD version features never-before-seen footage (perhaps not even
the execs at Paramount got to see this) that couldn't be shown on TV
including series highlights, emotional confrontations, voting confessions,
romantic liaisons, exit interviews, behind the scenes casting tapes and
special exclusives. This all relates to the release of "Survivor: Season
One - The Greatest and Most Outrageous Moments." This will undoubtedly be
followed in a few months by what y'all art film folks would refer to as le
sequel, or to us non-French speakers, Part Two.

For the moment, Paramount documents its claims better than the Presidential
candidates during their debates: the series ranks as the #1 Summer TV show
of ALL TIME! (Capitalization and exclamation point theirs). "An astounding
125 million Americans shared the Survivor experience over the show's 13-week average of 51.7 million tuned into the 2-hour Finale!" (note that
they don't say how many tuned out).

Television and Print Advertising will Reinforce the Swell of Excitement....
(Capitalization theirs)

As you can see, this future has already been digitized....


Milos Stehlik