Re: future DVD?

Jessica (
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 09:19:04 -0700 (PDT)

Call me old fashioned but I think VHS is going to be around for A LONG TIME.
It is not just rare educational material that won't come out on DVD but
literally THOUSANDS of feature films that due either to cost or rights don't
come out on DVD. Right now the break even point for a company like Kino is
about 1,000 copies so in reality about half our library has no real chance
of coming out on DVD anytime soon. We have many titles that never sold 1,000
copies on video so you can forget DVD. I also think that there is going to
big problem SOON with a lot of DVD's going out of print especially from
Image which has a lot. A company that size is not going to be interested in
a back catalogue title that may sell less than 100 copies a year. Also while
DVD's are cheaper once a master is made, most duplicators have minimum
orders of 250 copies which again means things or more likely to go out of

DVD is NOT a magic bullet and I would not expect even the majority of
non-feature material to EVER be available on DVD due to cost, quantity and
rights issues

Jessica Rosner
( another bad Jew who is not atoning today)