Re: future DVD? Naaa

Mark Richie (
Sun, 8 Oct 2000 16:08:43 -0700 (PDT)

Educational video on DVD? If there is a future for it, there shouldn't
be. We specialize in the "really expensive" education videos and manage
to circulate 40,000+ of them each year. We are moving to non-physical
delivery with a store and forward system called iDVS - interactive
digital video system. Videos are downloaded with a scheduling system
directly to school servers or a teacher desktop and a re shown full
motion (30 fps) full screen. The viewer is interactive and allows
teachers to add captions, drawings, sound bites etc and save them for

DVD cost too much for development (to do it right) and cost more to set
up the manufacture than cd-rom. Most video companies can't afford the
investment becasue they don't sell enought volume to make it worth
while. Which doesn't stop them from trying. Several of them got burnt
with videodisc and CDi and have wearhouses full of 'em. They don't want
to get burned again. At the school end, there are not enough resources
to buy a single use piece of equipment (ie: DVD player) for every four
classes. And they don't think to buy DVD drives in the computers - then
they would need a video projector if they want to use it for the whole
class. etc.

Tami-Jo M. Eckley wrote:
> Believe it or not, I do not get many requests for those really expensive educational videos - usually. I have been handed a few requests from the "media education foundation" catalog. Is there any future for educational videos being released on DVD? Also, the most wanted videotape is titled "Mickey Mouse Monopoly" an ArtMedia production. Would this title be available anyplace else?
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