RE: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Pamela M Weishaupt (
Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:45:26 -0700 (PDT)

Oh darn! I was so looking forward to a lunch meeting.... someplace warm
and sunny... ;)

Thanks for the responses.

I guess I should have given more information to begin with. I have a
student who has gotten ahold of a video they want to show in a public
performance. He said it's from Sony and at this point has no
documentation of public performance rights.

The number is a home work assignment as it were.

At 10:41 AM 10/4/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>I have to agree with Jessica's assessment, based on my own
>experience. Those studio folk NEVER return my calls,
>much less suggest that we do a lunch meeting. ;-)
>I've rented 6 or 7 prints from Swank (Tiffany Ellis) & New Yorker Films
>(Rebecca Conget)
>this semester and they've both been great to work with.
>-margaret dew