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> First Run / Icarus Films announces the release of a new documentary video
> that delightfully probes the fine line between high art and opinion polls.
> The film follows two artists in their attempt to paint the perfect painting
> - a 'most wanted' painting - using opinion polls, market research and focus
> groups.
> Directed by Chris Granlund
> Do you prefer a painting the size of a paperback, a dishwasher or a car?
> Such questions were a part of a project that combined conceptual art,
> market research, humor and a road trip. THE PEOPLE’S PAINTINT is the
> chronicle of this project – a collaboration between New York based Russian
> Avant-garde artists Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid. Fascinated by the West’s
> obsession with polls, market research and focus groups, they set out to
> create a painting using these revered tools of capitalism.
> Komar and Melamid began by polling a representative sample of people in the
> UK, thereby establishing a British preference for landscapes or portraits,
> abstracts or figurative paintings. They then began their tour of the
> country in a Mini, decorated with the Union Jack, to discover more about
> British taste. Along the way they met and interviewed such typical people
> as a miner, a tattoo artist, housewives, a designer, an earl and a witch.
> They also canvassed opinions from experts such as the Royal Academy’s
> director of exhibitions, Norman Rosenthal, and best selling painter Gordon
> King.
> Based on their findings, Komar and Melamid produced a ‘most wanted’
> painting, a true people’s painting. Called "conceptualism at its most
> elegant and effective" (New York Times) – the painting and the film are an
> evocative and satirical portrait of Britain today, and an examination of
> the tools of late Twentieth Century capitalism.
> "This video is an effective educational tool to frame a meaningful
> discussion on art and its place in society. It will be enjoyed by high
> school level and above. Highly recommended." – MC Journal: the Journal of
> Academic Media Librarianship
> "… [a] deliciously tongue-in-cheek, but never patronizing, mockery of the
> British taste in visual art. Komar and Melamid make us think about what
> art is, without seeming to be lecturing us." – The Times (UK)
> "… a delightful light-hearted tease on popular artistic taste… a must watch
> for anyone who has even the tiniest interest in art. Don’t miss this quiet
> little gem." – Radio Times (UK)
> 49 minutes / color / 1998 / Order # V2K6
> Sale/video: $390
> Rental/video: $75
> * Please refer to Order #'s on all purchase orders and written requests.
> * Free preview for purchase consideration available.
> * Purchase price includes Public Performance Rights
> * Canadian rights are available for this title
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