Re: Credit Card Question

Patricia O'Donnell (
Tue, 3 Oct 2000 10:34:39 -0700 (PDT)

>I have an odd question for those of you that purchase by Credit Cards. I
>have just had two orders "declined" and when I called the Universities to
>check is appears that Kino is on some kind of restricted list because we
>sell " other kinds of videos" I am totally mystified by this.
>Does anyone have experience with such restrictions ? It is not a big deal as
>we can just invoice these guys but I am dying to find out how Kino could be
>on such a list. Maybe it is that child porn
>THE TIN DRUM that we sell . I just can't figure it out and any info would be
>jessica rosner

Hi Jessica,
I purchase videos all the time using a University issued purchasing card
(Master Card). The card was originally restricted to particular vendors
who use a specific set of MCC's or merchant codes and it can NOT be used
for entertainment or food purchases.

Althought the food restriction is no problem, the "entertainment"
restriction began to give me trouble immediately due to the wide variety of
vendors we patronize. (Many video retailers also sell video games so my
card was being refused all over the place!)

I contacted our University Accounting office in charge of this purchasing
card program and pled my case, very convincingly I guess, because they
authorized my card for any of the MCC codes on their list which had
anything to do with video, laser disk, cd-ROM or DVD and I haven't had any
problems since.

The bottom line, your trouble probably has little to do with the content
of the materials your vendor distributes and everything to do with their
MCC or "merchant" code. Hope this helps.


Pat O'Donnell