Re: two stumpers in one day...

Jim Scholtz (
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 10:05:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi - Actually your request has nothing to do with fair use. Fair use
doesn't apply when your talking about public performance of an entire work
and the fair use guidelines say nothing about promotion. If you plan to
purchase PP rights, you should contact the company giving you those rights
to ask them what they will allow you to do. For example, purchasing
blanket rights from MPLC - you are not allowed to publizie the film/video
titles directly by name in the media (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.), but you
can do flyers (in MPLC contract). Disney did allow some media publication
and other companies like SWANK, etc. had no problems with any advertising.
When/If you start charging an admission fee for the showing, then you'll
have to pay for media rights. Hope this helps. Jim Scholtz.

At 10:43 AM 9/20/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Hi all--
>Any help with the following will be greatly appreciated.
>I'm looking for clarification of "fair use" as it applies to promoting films
>shown in a public library setting. We plan to purchase performance rights
>to show a film (for free) to the public, but we've been informed we may not
>advertise outside the library setting. It seems to me this seriously limits
>the potential draw, but then I suppose that's the point. Has anyone had
>experience in this area?
>Second question: A patron has recommended we purchase a video of the recent
>musical "Gumboots" by Zenzi Mbuli...but I can't seem to find anything on
>video yet. I've looked everywhere. Anyone?
>Thanks in advance!
>Amy Cantu
>Adult Services
>Ann Arbor District Library
>Ann Arbor, MI 48104