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Wed, 20 Sep 2000 11:02:42 -0700 (PDT)

I doubt "fair use" is really the issue. I think you need to get the company
you are getting a license from to be specific about "advertising". Is it a
specific film or a blanket license? I know that Swank for instance sends out
ludicrous restrictions which would basically make it impossible for anyone
to know you were even showing a film. The general concern of the studios is
just that you not be in "competition" with theaters and kind of doubt this
is a big problem. Again I don't think "Fair use " can apply to promotion but
on the other hand I might just ignore some of the restrictions on things
like public service newspaper listings and alike as they are virtually


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> Subject: two stumpers in one day...
> Hi all--
> Any help with the following will be greatly appreciated.
> I'm looking for clarification of "fair use" as it applies to promoting films
> shown in a public library setting. We plan to purchase performance rights
> to show a film (for free) to the public, but we've been informed we may not
> advertise outside the library setting. It seems to me this seriously limits
> the potential draw, but then I suppose that's the point. Has anyone had
> experience in this area?
> Second question: A patron has recommended we purchase a video of the recent
> musical "Gumboots" by Zenzi Mbuli...but I can't seem to find anything on
> video yet. I've looked everywhere. Anyone?
> Thanks in advance!
> Amy Cantu
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