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Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:28:55 -0700 (PDT)

Pat, I know something like this exists because in the deep recesses
(waiting to be freed up by Ginko Biloba). I recall some of it but not who
did it. I don't think it was "Caves of the Philippines" nor The Tasaday
that Debra Jo mentions. Thre was also one in the early 70's, "Last Days of
the Mindanao", but this too is about the discovery and not the hoax. The
one that I think you are looking for actually exposes the earlier reports
as to being a setup. This is not much help other than to say, keep looking
and good luck.
Frank Landrum
Lane ESD

At 12:50 PM 9/14/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Pat Means wrote:
>> I have been searching everywhere that I can think of, OCLC, the WEB,
>> college cataloges, etc., to find a video by this title. The professor says
>> that at one time he had rented it, but not since he has been at Austin
>> College. The only reference I found was of a NOVA program discussing the
>> Tasacay hoax.
>In the "Film and video finder" (NICEM) 1994-95, I found:
>"The Tasaday : stone age people in a space age world."
>"Uses on location photographs and tape recordings to document the
>Tasaday people, a small and isolated group of people living in a jungle
>island in the Philippines who maintain a Stone Age way of life. Traces
>the effects of modern civilization on their culture."
>The distributor for this title (back in 1994/95) is:
>Associated Press
>50 Rockefeller Plaza
>New York, NY
> 10020
>Hope this helps some.
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