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Pat Means wrote:
> I have been searching everywhere that I can think of, OCLC, the WEB,
> college cataloges, etc., to find a video by this title. The professor says
> that at one time he had rented it, but not since he has been at Austin
> College. The only reference I found was of a NOVA program discussing the
> Tasacay hoax.

In the "Film and video finder" (NICEM) 1994-95, I found:
"The Tasaday : stone age people in a space age world."

"Uses on location photographs and tape recordings to document the
Tasaday people, a small and isolated group of people living in a jungle
island in the Philippines who maintain a Stone Age way of life. Traces
the effects of modern civilization on their culture."

The distributor for this title (back in 1994/95) is:
Associated Press
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY

Hope this helps some.

Debra Jo Sujka
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